Why You Should Apply?

PSG Capital is a corporate finance firm that has achieved distinction without utilising a balance sheet by driving service, client experience and innovation. The success achieved by the firm is a result of the combination of a leadership core comprised of some of the corporate finance industry’s most innovative and experienced corporate financiers, and the identification and hiring of high calibre individuals within its ranks. Being part of the PSG Capital team offers the opportunity to work with and learn from highly experienced individuals on a peer-to-peer level.

At PSG Capital, we can assist you to reach, or take the initial steps to reach, your full professional and personal potential in your chosen career path. We will offer you career development prospects, a supportive working environment and many other benefits. You will be able to stretch yourself intellectually, furthering your professional education and personal development. You will be able to advance your professional standing through a planned programme of work experience and in-house learning and development opportunities.

You will receive exposure to a wide range of corporate finance disciplines given the broad scope of services offered by us to our clients.