What exposure will you receive?

The PSG Capital graduate programme offers graduates the opportunity to assist them to make a successful transition from University to the working world. At a high level, over the duration of the programme, graduates will be exposed, in one way or another, to the following areas within the business:

  • JSE / Regulatory / Legal (including listings)
  • Valuations
  • Capital Markets
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

JSE / Regulatory / Legal

Within the Regulatory division of the business graduates will be, amongst others exposed to:

  • The importance of reading the fine print (attention to detail)
  • The strategic angles of structuring a deal
  • How different circulars are drafted
  • JSE Listings Requirements knowledge
  • Companies Act knowledge
  • Affected transactions - Takeover Regulation Panel (TRP)
  • Stock Exchange News Service (SENS) and listed companies' communications with the market
  • Sponsor compliance procedures
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)


Within the Valuations division of the business graduates will be, amongst others exposed to:

  • How to value a company by applying different valuation methodologies
  • The drivers of value of companies operating in different sectors
  • Share option valuations
  • Analysis of companies and their key value drivers
  • Valuation of intangible assets forming part of a purchase price allocation

Capital Markets

Within the Capital Markets division of the business graduates will potentially be, amongst others exposed to:

  • How to plan for, market and execute a capital raising for a new listing or an IPO
  • How to plan for, market and execute a private placement or a bookbuild
  • How to arrange a corporate bond and raise capital in the debt capital markets
  • How to communicate with the local and global investor community and to build distribution capability
  • How to plan and prepare for roadshows and results presentations
  • How to prepare pitch documents
  • Idea generation for the next mandate

Mergers and Acquisitions

Within the Mergers & Acquisition division of the business graduates will be, amongst others exposed to:


  • Indentifying M&A targets
  • Formulating an approach strategy including initial views on valuation, structuring and transaction parameters
  • Recommending terms and pricing
  • Approaching targets and assisting clients in negotiations, advising on strategy, tactics and the structuring of the transaction
  • Advising on anti-takeover defences
  • Developing a framework for overseeing and/or assisting with due dilligence investigations
  • Identify and approach potential providers of capital whether debt of equity financing
  • Liasing with and obtaining opinions and formal rulings from regulators
  • Ensuring that the deal moves towards a timely successful close barring outside circumstances



  • Advice on strategic options and alternatives
  • Valuation and preparation of an information memorandum
  • Identifying, approaching and securing of potential buyers and/or investors
  • Facilitating negotiations and managing the bidding process ensuring optimal value realisation for our clients
  • Managing the transaction with the aim of a successful close

The overall corporate finance exposure that a graduate will receive combines, amongst others, the above competencies and so equips graduates for the deal making environment of the financial world. Graduates will acquire the ability to think strategically, sharpen their technical skills (such as, valuation, legal, capital market and M&A knowledge required in structuring a successful deal) and so taking the first step to becoming a world class corporate financier.