BEE Advisory

Corporates in South Africa are increasingly embracing this growth strategy, however, finding the right BEE partner that will add value to your business or how to structure and finance a transaction requires in-depth consideration.

PSG Capital is uniquely placed to support our clients with these challenges. We provide thorough and innovative ideas and structures independently of funders. Our close relationships with leading empowerment organisations and experience in negotiating and executing BEE transactions help our clients achieve the best ownership structures and BEE scorecards.

PSG Capital’s BEE Advisory services include:

Empowerment Transactions:

  • Advising on the BEE Codes and the implementation thereof
  • Assisting with BEE verification, score card evaluation and certification
  • Advising on the development of a BEE strategy
  • Identification of suitable BEE partners whether through general or focused participation
  • Managing the BEE transaction process including structuring and negotiating with suitable BEE partners
  • Sourcing of capital whether vendor finance, third party debt or equity finance
  • Assistance with tax structuring, finalisation of legal agreements
  • Execution expertise to see the deal through to a successful close

Black-owned Enterprises:

PSG Capital has extensive experience advising black-owned enterprises on acquisitions and disposals. The close relationships that we have with these entrepreneurs provide us with an opportunity to add tangible value and growth to their enterprises. For more information on we can add value and growth to your enterprise, see our Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory